Persons of the Year

2023 Nominations are now Closed
Past Honorees are listed below.

 On Thursday October 12, 2023, the Lebanon American Club is hosting the 11th annual Persons of the Year Banquet at the Amber Room in Danbury, starting at 6:00pm.  The Club will be honoring the contributions of  

Mary Elizabeth Salame

Joseph Walkovich

and Posthumous Honoree

                                         Theresa Taylor
These individuals are being recognized for their contributions to the Lebanon American Community through any one or more of the business, civic, charitable, political, religious and social activities in the Greater Danbury area. Formal Invitations will be sent to members of the Lebanon American Club and Ladies Auxiliary upon selection of honorees. Others may use below to send in their reservations and program book submissions.

“Person(s) Of the Year” Nominations – Due Monday August 21, 2023 (Closed)

In 2011, the Lebanon American Club Person(s) of the Year Award was established.  The award recognizes men and women in the Lebanon American Community who have made significant contributions to the advancement and betterment of Lebanese Community in Danbury through business, civic, charitable, political, religious and/or social activities involving the Lebanon American Club and the Lebanese Community in greater Danbury at large. These contributions may have occurred over a period of years or in the most recent year prior to consideration by the CommitteeThe Club is seeking nominations from Club and Ladies Auxiliary members, or or from our greater Danbury communities including the 3 Mid-East Parishes. You may also reach out to committee members Dr. Fred Kayal of St. Georges Church, Randy Michael of St. Anthony Church and Nabil Takla of St. Ann Church. The Committee will also consider nominees submitted previously who were not selected for the award. If you submitted a nomination in the past, you may submit an update to that nomination or submit a new one. All nominations are due by August 21st. Formal invitations and Program Book sponsorship forms will be mailed once the Committee selects the Honoree(s). 


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NOMINEE ELIGIBILITY:  Please check any box(s) that apply to the Nominee:

[  ] Not a Past Honoree of this program (Check list below)
[  ] Member of the Lebanon American Club (LAC) (regular or social)
[  ] Member of the LAC Ladies Auxiliary.
[  ] Member of St. Ann's,  St. Anthony's or St. George's Churches in Danbury
[ ] If not a member of LAC or Ladies Auxiliary, or any of the churches listed above, then of Lebanese descent residing in greater Danbury (Danbury, Brookfield, Bethel, Newtown, New Fairfield, Ridgefield or Redding)

Mail this form or attach type written pages to LAC Person(s) of Year Committee, 22 West StreetDanbury 06810,
or email a ‘word’ or ‘pdf’ attachment of this form or if you have a question to

“Describe in detail the reasons this nominee has earned this recognition.  Focus on the contributions by the
nominee to the advancement and betterment of the Lebanese Community in greater Danbury through any one or
combination of the following: business, civic, charitable, political, religious and/or social activities involving the
Lebanon American Club and/or the Lebanese Community in greater Danbury.
The contributions may have occurred over a period of years or in the most recent year prior to consideration. 
You may also include personal stories about the nominee that will assist the committee in its deliberations”

Description (use additional pages as needed:



RSVP by Friday, September 29th

 Number of people attending ______ at $75 per person, Total _________________

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Dinner to be served - Surf & Turf of NY Strip Steak and Shrimp

** Vegetarian and Children Dinners available upon request.

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 Make checks payable to Lebanon American Club (LAC) & Mail to

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Please Email or Mail Ad by Friday September 29, 2023

Mail your camera-ready ad or print message below. You may also email your ad to Let us know if you want to re-use last year’s ad. 

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Make checks payable to: Lebanon American Club (“LAC”)

LAC Person of The Year Committee                        You may pay        

22 West Street                                                    OR        by CC, by using     

Danbury, CT 06810                                                      this QR Code


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Past Person of the Year Honorees:
2021 - Randa G. Antous and Daniel P. Jowdy
2020 - Event was Not held due to Covid-19
2019Ruth Anne Ashkar and William A. Asmar
2018 - Josephine Nassif  and  State VA Commissioner Thomas Saadi, 
2017 - Dr. Ziad Taweh & Evelyn Ellis
2016 - Jeanette Beylouni, Dr. Frederick A. Kayal, 
            and Posthumous Honoree Raymond A. Beylouni
2015 - John Ashkar and Georgette Ayoub
           Posthumous Honorees George Dimyan 
2014 - Dick Jowdy and Judge Dianne Yamin
           Posthumous Honoree Fouad Antonios
2013 - Edward Nahom and Betty Lubus
2012 - Najla Antous, Mark Chory, and 
           Posthumous Honorees Laurice Saffi and Annis Nassif.
2011 - James Sr, Taffy Sr and Edward Sr. Jowdy,  and Leila Shaker